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Take Over Payments

Our Web site matches individuals who are in a lease or purchase and want out. We put them together with individuals looking to get into a lease or a buy out. With our service, we will help you find somebody to take over your payments..FREE!

Our web site receives over 41,000 hits a month!! With Top 5 Placement in Most Search Engines!

We offer buyers and sellers complete packages. We will get the seller’s information on their cars, RV, etc. posted on our site and match an interested buyer with the item.We will provide you with credit check applications, help from lenders, get credit approvals and complete all forms to get a buyer in a new vehicle or seller out of contract.




If you have stable, verifiable income, you can more than likely take over payments on one of the vehicles today. Our “Free Loan Specialist Program” will allow you to cut out the car salesman in the middle and deal with everything directly. It is that simple. Why pay our competitors high costs for a very simple process.




Take Over Payments

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